The Site Goal is a Non-Profit organization, supporting education and dedicated to studying the Genesis of the Universe and everything in it. In life, we all want to be healthy, wealthy and fulfilled. However, so often that goal eludes us. Usually, we rely on our knowledge to mend such problems. An inborn drive for knowledge is one of the hallmarks of being human. Thinking, and the knowledge gathered by it, as well as the ability to hand down all the accumulated knowledge from generation to generation, gives humans a survival advantage on this planet. Is it then any wonder that for a successful and happy life, we must live in accord with the best available knowledge?

The essential part of this knowledge, based on scientific discoveries, is that the invisible hand of a quantum field being present everywhere administers the basic aspect of this universe and everything in it, including us. Consequently, we must live in harmony with that omnipotent, ultimate entity to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Otherwise, the result will be stress, illness and the feeling of being unfulfilled. Illustrating this seminal knowledge is the primary goal of this site.





The Supreme Entity

In the parlance of quantum physics, this entity is called the unified field. Modern cosmology indicates that the unified field, having the blueprint of the entire universe, sequentially unfolded to create this universe. It is also present in the very fabric of space today in an unmanifest, quantum physical way.

However, this blueprint is not in ink and paper, like an architect's drawing.

Instead, it is a form of "intelligence", and science's discovery of this intelligence provides the basic concept of God. When we peel off the rituals and theology of any religion, God emerges as something larger than ourselves, a force that created the Universe and continues to uphold and administer it. Quantum physics offers impressive support of this concept of God.

A comprehensive explanation is advanced in the article, Quantum Physics Lends Support to the Basic Concept of God. Further details, although somewhat mathematical, can be found in the article, Unified Field -The Universal Blueprint? which appeared in the February 2000 issue of the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. A non-mathematical synopsis of this article is also presented in, A Short Biography of the Universe along with Genome and the Unified Field.


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